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If you’re looking for an investment firm to manage your hard-earned assets and provide you with financial planning services—so you can enjoy your retirement or whatever else matters most to you in life—then you have come to the right place. Fortune Financial Group (FFG) is a different kind of financial advisor firm:

  • As Certified Financial Planners, we are fiduciaries, obligated to put client interests first
  • We tailor a financial plan and portfolio to your individual goals and needs
  • We charge simple, straightforward fees based on your plan and the size of your account
  • Our financial advisors can work virtually and help our clients wherever they may live or be and any given time

New! Beyond Money, a new book about Timeless Wisdom for Financial Wellness.

Beyond Money

In Beyond Money: Timeless Wisdom For Financial Wellness, Certified Financial Planner and author, Brad Rosley weaves easy to follow and practical advice with a fictional story about Steve Taylor, who is facing the premature end of his life. When Steve meets another, older gentleman in the same situation, timeless wisdom for financial wellness appears and completely reshapes the beliefs and destiny of Steve and his family.

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Work With Financial Advisors Who Are Independent and Objective Fiduciaries. Our focus, first and foremost, is on our clients’ needs. There is no incentive for us to sell particular products or services. Nor are we tied to working with any particular investment managers.

How can you balance saving for later and enjoying life now? The road map prioritizes what’s truly important to you, presents a guide that keeps that vision in front of you, and provides a path to follow to attain your vision.

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