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Our focus – first and foremost – is on our clients’ needs.  We are fiduciaries meaning we are always obligated to put our clients’ needs first.  We are independent.  We are objective. We plan, educate, give perspective and coach through the good times and the bad. Anyone can call themselves a financial planner – we are Certified Financial Planners.  To qualify for the CFP® certification requires engaging in rigorous coursework, passing a 6-hour exam, working a three year apprenticeship, meeting ethics criteria and continuing on with education requirements through the years.  Click here to learn all the areas a caring, competent CFP® can help with:

What does a CFP® do?

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Brad Rosley

I earned my Certified Financial Planner designation in 1990. I was inspired to create a truly “independent” firm that helps people figure out what they want to do with the one life God gave them. I think my clients like me in part because of my balanced approached to financial and life planning. They stay with me because we develops a relationship that is not product driven, but rather personal and life planning centric. My motto “Plan for tomorrow, while still living for today” is especially appealing to clients. I’ve contributed articles and been a resource to many publications over the years. I blog ( and post Youtube videos as a means to educate my client’s and the public. I penned Beyond Money which rose to #1 on Amazon best seller’s list in 2018. I’m also a former President and Chairman of the Board of the Financial Planning Association of Illinois (FPA®).

Cris Kalivas


I have been in the financial industry since 1987. In the muni bond world I traded, underwrote new issues and participated in investment banking and loved every minute of it. I was the Head National Underwriter bidding on national syndicates underwriting hundred’s of millions of debt for municipalities across the country with three phones at a time and 20 salespeople trying to file their orders with me. I speak frequently to groups on day to day financial issues such as budgeting, stocks and college savings. I speak to large military groups teaching retirement, money management and empowering our servicemen and women to believe they can understand and manage their own finances. I hold a BA in Public Administration from Drake University, hold the professional designation of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) and am a member of the Financial Planners Association of Illinois.

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