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Retire Your Way!

A Balanced LifeStyle

Start by defining your most important financial and personal goals and set up a systematic investment plan (money comes out of your checking account automatically every month) to fund them.

Taking the time to reflect on what is truly most important to you is an exercise that very few people take the time to do. Most people spend their life in a “reactive” mode reacting to what is going on around them rather than proactively planning to make sure certain priorities are given preference.

Family is important! Get Started on Your Plan Today!

Brad Rosley, CFP, Glen Ellen, Illinois
Brad Rosley
Brad is the founder and President of FFG which opened in Glen Ellyn, IL in 1996. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1986 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, and has been a Certified Financial Planner since 1990. Brad chose to create FFG as an “independent” firm that helps people figure out what they want to do with the one life God gave them, and has been helping people for over 25 years. His clients work with him because of his balanced approached to financial and life planning. They stay with him because he develops a relationship that is not product driven, but rather personal and life planning centric. His motto “Plan for tomorrow, while still living for today” is especially appealing to clients. Brad has been quoted and written articles in several publications including Chicago Magazine and Business Week. “Brad Rosley on Educated Investing” was published in 2001. He is also a long standing member of the Financial Planning Association of Illinois (FPA®) holding several offices over the years. In 2009 he served as President and Chairman of the Board in 2010 of the 1,100 member Illinois Chapter of the FPA®.


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The Herman Agency provides the technical expertise and critical thinking to support clients and their advisors in the analysis, structuring, and implementation of new and existing life, disability and long-term care insurance portfolios.

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